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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry Services in St. Catharines


Do you want to improve your smile? Tell your dentists at Linwell Park Dental Centre what you would like to achieve regarding your smile, and they will provide you with the options at your disposal. Cosmetic dentistry is effective in improving the appearance of your teeth and smile. Technological advancements have made cosmetic procedures non-invasive and affordable. If you have stained, chipped or broken teeth, visit Linwell Park Dental Centre for personalized treatments. We offer cosmetic dentistry services in St. Catharines to help improve your smile and boost your self-confidence. Our dentists conduct a detailed examination of your oral health and recommend appropriate treatments.


Count on us for comprehensive dental care and quality services.


Services We Offer

Cosmetic dentistry is not about vanity; it’s about how you feel about yourself and how it affects your day-to-day life. At Linwell Park Dental Centre, we can make your smile look straighter, brighter and give them a natural appearance. Our team of trained professionals is dedicated to enhancing your smile through cosmetic dental procedures, which includes:





Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation

We follow a stepwise procedure when you visit our clinic for a dental procedure:


Dental examination: To evaluate and make notes of the current condition of your teeth. A dental hygienist will thoroughly examine your teeth, gums, mouth and jawbones to look for cavities, enamel erosion and receding gums. It is done to restore your teeth to the best possible condition, improving your oral health and well-being.


X-Rays: It is another tool to gather information about your current dental health which is the key component for making any decision about further cosmetic treatment. Using these X-rays, we can prioritize work based on urgency.


Conversation with the dentist: Your doctor would want to know why you are seeking dental treatment? Be honest with your dentist so that you both work towards a common goal of whitening, straightening or other cosmetic dental procedures.


Planning further treatment: Considering the results of dental examinations and your dental goals, we will formulate a treatment plan. In some cases, the next steps might involve going for regular cleaning and cosmetic treatment but if you need more in-depth dental procedures, you may schedule an additional appointment.



Frequently Asked Questions

How Is Cosmetic Dentistry Different from General Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is one step ahead of general dental care procedures. It is rooted in the maintenance and care of your oral care. Not only this, but it also addresses the appearance of your smile by taking into consideration the size, colour, spacing, gum line and overall balance of your smile. If you are still confused about cosmetic dental procedures, read our blog to know how it is different from general dentistry.


Is Cosmetic Dentistry Expensive?

The cost of the procedure depends on the procedure you are having completed, the amount covered by insurance and the number of dental visits needed. Before you proceed, you can request a quote from us or consult your insurance provider to assess coverage options.


What Common Dental Problems Can Be Treated with Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry can treat any of the following concerns:

  • Stained or discoloured teeth

  • Gaps in between teeth

  • Uneven teeth

  • Worn-down teeth

  • Excess gum tissue



Visit Our Dental Centre Today!

We provide a safe and relaxing environment for our patients. If you have anxiety or fear visiting a dentist, we offer sedation dentistry to help you relax. Whether its general oral health checkup or preventive treatments, we have got you and your family covered.

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Dental bleaching: The colour of your enamel might change due to both intrinsic and extrinsic factors such as staining from tobacco/coffee and pulp damage. In that case, your dentist might recommend dental bleaching to help treat stained or discoloured teeth and make your teeth whiter. You can also use dental bleaching kits at home that are prescribed by your dentists. This procedure is not recommended to patients having sensitive teeth and weak roots.

Zoom!® teeth whitening: Teeth whitening is a quick procedure to lighten discoloured enamel. This procedure requires only one appointment with your dentists. At our dental centre, we offer Zoom!® teeth whitening procedure, which is safe and effective to whiten your teeth and help you achieve a radiant smile.

Dental veneers: If you have broken or misaligned teeth, dental veneers can be the right option for you. It helps protect your natural teeth and prevent tooth discolouration. Generally, getting a dental veneer requires two to three appointments with your dentist. If your teeth are fragile, your dentist might recommend a dental crown instead of veneers.

Planning your family’s dentist appointment?

Planning your family’s dentist appointment?

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