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Root Canal Therapy

Professional Root Canal Treatment in St. Catharines

Root canal therapy is the removal of diseased or dead pulp inside the tooth. The procedure focuses on cleaning, filling, and sealing your teeth' roots to restore their natural functions. If root canal treatment is necessary for you, contact Linwell Park Dental Centre in St. Catharines.


A root canal treatment, simply called “root canal”, is technically called “endodontic treatment”. Before engaging in any type of dental work, it’s important to know the facts about root canals. Often, a root canal treatment is a straightforward procedure to relieve dental pain and save your tooth. Typically, patients need a root canal when there is inflammation or infection in the roots of a tooth. If a damaged tooth requiring root canal therapy is not treated, the tooth will eventually need to be removed. For any further questions or to book a consultation, please give us a call at 905-35-7531 or write to us.


The Purpose of a Root Canal 

A tooth is like a hollow tube that is open at the top and closed at the other end, the crown. Each of our teeth contains dental pulp, which extends down to the toothʼs roots and provides the tooth with nutrients and nerves. If the pulp becomes infected, the toothʼs nerves die. A root canal is necessary if the nerves and blood arteries in the hollow tube are injured or infected, because without endodontic treatment, the tooth too may die. After the root canal, the tooth will remain functional, because in a mature tooth, the pulp’s main function is to provide sensations of hot and cold.


Symptoms of  Infected Dental 

The following symptoms may suggest that a root canal is required:

  • Heat and cold sensitivity

  • Toothache that is unbearable

  • Inflammation around the tooth

  • Discoloration of the teeth

  • Gum abscess

Anaesthetics for Aesthetics

Do not be afraid if your dentist determines that you require a root canal. It is a very common treatment, as it saves the teeth of over 15 million patients in North America every year. Because of the advanced technology in the tools, the procedure is less complicated than ever before, and because of advancements in anaesthetic injections, it is easier to numb the tooth, so patients don’t feel much pain, if any, during the root canal procedure. Trust our dentists at Linwell Park Dental Centre in St. Catharines. The end goal is not only the restoration of your smile aesthetics, .


What is a Root Canal Procedure?

An endodontist is a dentist who specializes in treating infected or damaged dental pulp and repairing the tooth. Your endodontist will first examine your tooth to determine whether a root canal is necessary. Diagnosis involves an X-ray of the tooth to check for signs of infection and damage to the bone surrounding the tooth. A pulp vitality test may also be done.


If most of the tooth’s structure can be saved, the endodontist carries out the root canal procedure, done under local anaesthetic. The procedure involves:


  • Drilling into the toothʼs crown and pulp chamber

  • Removing diseased pulp

  • Cleaning the inside hollow of the tooth

  • Inserting a specific root canal filling


It may take a few visits to complete the root canal, because prior to the procedure, pre-treatment with antibiotics may be needed to reduce inflammation and swelling.


Is a Crown Needed after a Root Canal?  

Following the root canal, if necessary your dentist will suggest to fit your tooth with a crown, which not only helps restore a tooth to its regular shape, but also strengthens the tooth and improves aesthetics. The reason for fitting a crown is that after a root canal procedure is done, blood no longer flows through the tooth, and so the tooth becomes brittle and is prone to breaking, in which case it would have to be removed.


Don’t let an infection ruin your teeth. Enhance your smile and self-confidence by booking a consultation today with your dentist at Linwell Park Dental Centre in St. Catharines.

Planning your family’s dentist appointment?

Planning your family’s dentist appointment?

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