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5 Clever Ways to Get Your Toddler to Brush Their Teeth

Sometimes, brushing a toddler's teeth can be a struggle. That's why we made a list of ideas to make tooth brushing a little easier!


If you are the parent of a small child, you will agree with us: brushing a toddler's teeth can be one of the greatest challenges you face every day. Except, it doesn't need to be that way.

Knowing how to brush a toddler's teeth is the secret to succeeding at this all-important task, and ending those daily power struggles with your little one. Would you like to learn five ways to achieve this? Our guide right here can help.


1. Don't Put It Off

Have you ever wondered: "When to start brushing my child's teeth?" If so, the answer is: "As soon as their first baby tooth makes an appearance!"

This is crucial for two reasons. The first, and most obvious one, is because it helps to keep those little teeth clean and strong for life. The second is because it allows your child to get familiar with toothbrushing from a very young age.

And the more familiar they get, the more confident they become, which in turn helps them to approach toothbrushing in a much more pleasant way as they grow up.


2. Set a Good Example

You probably know this already: toddlers love to copy us adults! So, we must lead by example, and this applies to brushing teeth, too.

If you want to make it easier for your child to brush their teeth without much fuss, try to brush your teeth together with them. This will instantly turn this "dull" activity into a fun part of their daily routine, almost like a game that the entire family plays!


3. Stimulate Your Child with Colors and Sounds

Young children love being stimulated, especially when they are told to do something that they do not particularly enjoy, like brushing their teeth! To do so, start by picking one of those nice and colorful toddlers toothbrushes, that they will love to hold and look at.

Then, make the whole event fun and interactive, for example by singing a teeth brushing song. You can even incorporate one of your child's favorite books or toys, which may encourage them to brush their teeth.

4. Adopt Different Strategy for Sensory Issues

Does your little one have sensory issues? If so, you will need to be patient and understanding, and adopt a different tactic. For example, opt for a toothpaste flavor that's a bit milder than the standard mint one.

Strawberry is normally a favorite. Then, begin by washing your child's teeth with a cloth or a gum massager, and when they get used to it move on to a toothbrush with soft bristles. Also remember to use lukewarm water instead of very cold water, as the latter can sometimes feel uncomfortable.

5. Encourage Independence

Toddlers love to feel autonomous, especially when they are doing "grown-up" things such as brushing their teeth. So, get on board with this desire and show them how they can boost their independence with toothbrushing.

Let them choose their own toothbrush and toothpaste, as well as a step to stand on while they are brushing. And when it's time to brush their teeth, try to let them do it themselves. After the first few days, they will become pros!

Make Brushing a Toddler's Teeth Child Play!

Brushing a toddler's teeth doesn't have to be a daily drama! With our tips, you can turn this all-important activity into a fun, interactive game.

And remember, if you need to schedule your child's next dentist appointment, call the friendly and professional team at Linwell Park today!


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