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5 Foods That Will Stain Your Teeth If You Don't Brush Properly

Want to keep your pearly whites, well, pearly white? Then you've come to the right place.

Unfortunately, some of your favourite foods aren't doing your teeth any favours. In fact, they can break down enamel and stain your teeth permanently. But not to worry because Linwell Park Dental Centre is here to help.

Keep reading to learn 5 foods that will stain your teeth and why you might need Cosmetic Dentistry in St. Catharines.


1. Coffee and Tea 


Your morning caffeine boost is doing more damage than you think. Both coffee and tea contain tannins, which is a kind of compound named polyphenol. These nasty tannins have colour compounds that won't hesitate to stick to your teeth. And after they stick, the tannins leave behind a yellowish colour on your pearly whites. 

Pro tip: if you're a tea drinker, add 2% milk to your tea to reduce staining. 


2. Berries 


Dark fruits like blackberries, blueberries, and pomegranates are good for your body. But sadly, they're not good for your teeth. They contain dark pigments that can stick to the surface of your teeth and cause long-term staining.

Pro tip: for a whiter smile, brush your teeth 30 minutes after snacking on berries!


3. Red Wine 


If you're a red wine drinker, you may have stained your carpet or shirt with it in the past. But as it turns out, you can stain your teeth with it too. Red wine is highly acidic, which means it can enlarge the pores of your enamel. Then, this allows the dark red colour to better adhere to the tooth and stain it. 

Pro tip: Drink water in between glasses to get rid of some acid. 


4. Sweets 


Dark sweets like chocolate are a welcome treat now and again. But if you eat them too often, they can cause mild staining to your teeth and even tooth decay. And coloured sweets like popsicles, gummy candies, and lollipops are also culprits of staining.

Pro tip: try eating healthy snack alternatives to help you cut back on the candy.  


5. Tomato Sauce


You'll often see tomato-based sauces on pasta and pizza.  And like red wine, tomato sauces are very acidic and vibrant in colour. So if you haven't guessed already, it does the same thing. The acid makes enamel pores open up, and the colour sticks to your teeth. 

Pro tip: try making a pesto sauce for your pasta instead of a tomato sauce. 


Cosmetic Dentistry in St. Catharines: Keep Your Smile White 

Moving forward, you don't have to cut these foods out of your diet. Just reduce your intake and keep an eye on the colour of those pearly whites. And, of course, make sure you brush your teeth twice a day to keep the stains away!

But if brushing isn't enough, consider doing Cosmetic Dentistry in St. Catharines. Schedule an appointment today at Linwell Park Dental Centre for teeth whitening, dental bleaching, or dental veneers.


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