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Children's Dentistry: What are the Most Common Dental Problems in Kids?

Several dental problems affect kids, such as tooth decay, thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, and more. Here are the most common problems in children's dentistry.

A child's teeth are still developing. This means they are softer, but just because their teeth are newer, doesn't mean they aren't at risk from all the problems that can impact yours.   

Your child doesn't know how to care for their own teeth, which means it's up to you to teach them, and children's dentistry is an important part. Getting them used to the chair and the dentist as young as possible will help avoid future anxiety. 

From sugary drinks to dental accidents, many factors affect your child's oral hygiene, but there are ways to prevent common issues, and once you know what they are, they're easier to avoid. 

Read on to discover the most common dental problems affecting kids today. 


Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a big problem in pediatric dentist patients.

The center for disease control says that between the ages of 6 and 8 over 52% of kids have had a cavity in their baby teeth, and between the ages of 12 and 19 more than 57% have had a cavity. For your child, that means pain, a visit to the dentist, and an increased risk of decay in other teeth. 

Tooth decay happens because of high sugary diets and inefficient brushing. Plaque produces an acid that eats away at the enamel and because enamel in a child's tooth is thinner than an adult's, it makes them vulnerable. 

The best treatment for tooth decay is to take preventative measures. This means ensuring your child is brushing their teeth properly and supervising until you're sure they get the hang of it. Taking them to the dentist early is also a good idea. 


Gum Disease

Did you think this was a problem that only affects adults? Unfortunately, it's not. In fact, gum disease is actually fairly common in young dental patients. 

Caused by a build-up of bacteria along the gum line, it's an entirely preventable disease. With regular visits to the dentist and a consistent brushing routine, there's no need for your child to suffer the red, swollen, and painful gums caused by gum disease. 


Tooth Sensitivity

If hot or cold food is causing discomfort to your kid when they eat, they might be suffering from tooth sensitivity. Maybe they brush too hard, or maybe there's some decay. 

The enamel of the tooth wears away and causes sensitivity, meaning a visit to the dentist is in order. The treatment could be a sealant over the teeth, or it might be that they need to use a softer bristled toothbrush. 


Thumb Sucking

Your kid was a self-soother, but as they get older and they're still sucking their thumb, it may interfere with their tooth development.

With thumb-sucking there's always the risk of causing a gap between their upper and lower teeth. 


Dental Accidents

Children are adventurous and accidents happen, but a chipped or loose tooth is a risk in pediatric dental patients, and even though it may cost them a visit from the tooth fairy, it's better to see the dentist and avoid the need for invasive orthodontic treatment. 


Importance of Children's Dentistry

The goal is to keep your kids as healthy as possible, and oral hygiene is a vital part of their development. Establishing a regular routine of brushing, and of pediatric dentist visits will help to avoid both major and minor dental problems that can cause your little one discomfort. 

At Linwell Park Dental Center we provide dental care for your family, including children's dentistry specifically for your kids. 

Our dental experts are here to help. If you'd like to hear more about the services we off, then contact us today.


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