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Do You Need Emergency Dental Services? Let’s Take a Look

Emergency Dental Services

When it comes to dental health, it is always better to take immediate action to understand the seriousness of the situation. However, we are all busy people and don't have the time to rush to the clinic when we don't know if the issue is serious. Here, you will find a few signs you need emergency dental care. If you identify with any of them, come to Linwell Park Dental Centre for our excellent emergency dental services.

You need emergency medical care for the following cases: Loose teeth We are all familiar with the feeling of loose teeth; we lost teeth when we were growing up. However, as an adult, this is a cause for alarm. A loose tooth in an adult means one of three things – the tooth has become dislodged due to trauma or gum disease or dental caries – none of which should be neglected. Severe toothache You will have to visit the dentist to relieve the pain if you are suffering from immense pain in your mouth. Toothaches are the symptom of several dental conditions. Depending on the severity of the ache, the condition itself might be severe. Instead of trying home remedies that might or might not work, getting your dental condition checked and receiving treatment for the pain is better. Bleeding gums A sign of gingivitis or gum disease is excessive, recurring or painful bleeding in your gums. Leaving gum disease untreated can even result in loss of teeth, so the sooner you treat gum disease, the better it is for your dental health. Metallic taste in your mouth If you have ever had a metal filling and suddenly start tasting metal in your mouth, it can mean that the filling has cracked or become dislodged. When a filling becomes loose, it leaves the dental cavity open to infections that lead to cavities. You should have the metal filling checked as soon as possible to avoid root canal treatment in the future. Swollen jaw A swollen jaw usually is a sign of a severe infection. You will have trouble swallowing, have bad taste in your mouth, and have a fever along with the swollen jaw if you have salivary gland infection. A swollen jaw can also be a symptom of other medical conditions swollen lymph nodes, infection, gum disease or even cancer. So it qualifies as a dental emergency. Even if you don’t identify with these cases and you still feel that there is something unusual going on with your teeth, gums or mouth - you should visit your dental office and have it checked out. Emergency dental services will save your teeth and ensure you have good dental health. Linwell Park Dental Centre offers comprehensive and preventive dental services ranging from general dentistry and dental implants to cosmetic dentistry. We also provide sedation (oral and IV) to put our patients at ease. Contact us today to book an appointment for emergency dental services.


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