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How to Choose the Best Dentists St. Catharines for Your Kids

When it comes to dentists in St. Catharines, there are many choices, and not all dentists are the same. Whether you're looking for the best dentists in St. Catharines or just want some information on how to choose one, this article will help you out!

We'll go over what makes a good dentist and how to choose the best one for your children. Keep reading to learn more!


How Is the Overall Atmosphere?

You want to make sure your child feels comfortable at the dentist's office before they ever have any work done! So don't just choose dentists by how low their prices are or what kind of hours they offer - look into the atmosphere as well.

For example: Does it feel welcoming? Do people smile when you walk in? Look around and ask yourself not only "can I afford this?" but also, "does my child feel safe here?"

Staff must possess the experience, skills, and patience needed to work with children. Often children can become distressed and upset during dental procedures. The dentists you'll pick should train their staff to ease children's anxiety and help them feel secure, comfortable, and safe.


Make Sure Your Child's Dentist Takes a Preventative Approach

Compared to adults, children are more susceptible to tooth decay. The best dentists in St. Catharines should take a preventative approach when it comes to oral health. They'll want to look for any oral issues and monitor them over time, rather than waiting until the problems are severe before acting.


Special Training and Credentials

Even though this may seem obvious, it is always important to look at a dentist's credentials. For example, dentists should have special training in pediatric dentistry as well as general dentistry. Also, check to see if they are a member of the Ontario Dental Association.

Some dentists might specialize in one of these areas while others may practice both, but there is always a specialization in children's dental hygiene and oral health.

Dentists will want you and your child to feel at ease during visits by explaining what they're doing all along the way - being mindful of how much in detail your kid understands based on their age.


Visit the Office

Before choosing your dentist in St. Catharines, it's a good idea to visit their office and talk with the staff during your first appointment. Also, make sure their location is convenient for you.

How far are they from your child's school? Is the office far from your residence or workplace? You'll want to make sure it is close to both. Otherwise, you may struggle to take your child to dental appointments.


Looking for the Best Dentists in St. Catharines for Your Children?

We hope this article has helped you gather all the information you need to make an informed decision in your quest to find the best dentist for your kids.

If you are in St Catharines, you can schedule an appointment for your child today with one of our general dentists at Linwell Park Dental Centre!


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