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Signs You Need a Dental Crown

dental crowns

Dental crowns help serve a couple of different purposes. These permanent caps or prosthetics are designed to improve the alignment, shape and overall appearance of a tooth. They also help to strengthen a damaged tooth. A regular person will not know whether he or she needs dental crowns.

Linwell Park Dental Centre offers several preventive and comprehensive dental services that range from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry to children’s dentistry. We always provide you with quality dental care in our relaxed, friendly atmosphere. Take a look at the signs to know whether you need dental crowns:

  • Your Dentist Has Recommended a Root Canal Treatment Your dentist will suggest you do a root canal as soon as possible if your dental structure is at its weakest stage. A root canal is a procedure where your entire natural tooth structure will be stripped off to drain the infected nerve, and the filling will be done. A dental crown will be used as a silhouette for covering the tooth to toughen up the renewed dental structure.

  • You Wish to Claim Your Long-Lost Smile Your smile not only makes you attractive but is also very much important in boosting up your confidence. A half-broken tooth or chipped tooth can affect how you look. Dental crowns come in handy during these situations as they act as a cover to support and hold the teeth in place. People won’t notice you’re your broken tooth as it will be concealed with a dental crown.

  • You Have A Cavity The food debris you have in your mouth can pile up and cause a cavity. The holes that will form on your teeth because of a cavity will severely affect your appearance. Dental crowns are the solution here as they will make your teeth look more agreeable, both in strength and appearance.  

Let Us Help

At Linwell Park Dental Centre, our dentists conduct detailed oral examinations to suggest the right treatments for our patients. We handle all types of dental emergencies.

Call us for a dental crown treatment to help preserve your natural teeth.


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