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The Best Ways to Keep Your Family’s Teeth Healthy

Teeth problems can cause huge damage to children and their self-esteem. Issues with teeth are hard to hide, so children get picked on or worried about being picked on. 

And while there's a lot that a family dentist can do to help as issues come up, prevention is always easier than needing to fix something later. Keep reading to learn some of the best ways to keep your family's teeth healthy.

Annual Trip to a Family Dentist

Family dentists are great because they're used to patients of all ages. A lot of the time, you'll need two dentists specializing in adults or children, but this can cause some unnecessary admin issues. Family dentists are a great solution, able to accommodate your kids and see you too.

Check out our service page for more information about what our family dentist practice has to offer. 


Limit Sugar and Acid Intake

Foods and drinks that are high in sugar or acid are damaging to teeth.

A sugary treat now and then is usually fine, but the worry is hidden sugar in foods or drinks you don't suspect. If your family is consuming a lot of sugar, it weakens the teeth and causes cavities. 

Make sure you're checking nutrition information on the food and drinks your children are consuming. 


Be Vigilant About Brushing and Flossing

Building healthy habits is one of the most efficient ways to look after teeth. Make sure your kids are brushing their teeth twice a day and flossing regularly. 

Remember, it's always best to set a good example, so you can help your family build these habits by doing them yourself too!


Watch Out for Unlikely Causes of Teeth Problems

A lot of oral health focuses on good tooth care, but that's not the only way teeth get damaged. Keep an eye out for ways that teeth or mouths might get damaged, and make sure your kids are protecting against them. 

For example, when your children are playing games or sports, if there is a chance their teeth could get damaged, they should wear mouthguards. This protects their teeth from a stray ball or unexpected contact with the mouth. 

If your children are swimmers, check the pH levels of the water they're swimming in. Some chlorinated pool water has high acidity, and when this inevitably gets into children's mouths, the consistent exposure adds up and damages their teeth. 


Eat Crunchy Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C should be prioritized in your family's diet. Vitamin C is a great way to strengthen teeth. And stronger teeth are easier to look after. 

If you struggle to get your kids to eat these foods with lots of vitamin C, look into vitamin C supplements. 


Keeping Your Family's Teeth Healthy

Make your annual trips to a family dentist easier by keeping your teeth in good condition. Using these tips, your family's teeth are going to be happy and healthy. 

Contact us for all your family dentistry needs!


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