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Top Tips on How to Develop the Best Teeth Flossing Habits

Everyone wants glowing white teeth as they are a symbol of wealth and status. So why is it so hard to keep up the habit of teeth flossing when you know that it's essential to proper oral health?

Well, partly, it could be that flossing is awkward. You aren't ever sure you are doing it right, and it can become an uncomfortable experience for some.

If you have never taken flossing seriously and want to learn how to create a healthy teeth-flossing habit. Keep reading this blog for tips that we think will help you out.

Leave Floss Lying Around Everywhere

The thing with flossing is that it becomes 'out of sight, out of mind' at some point. You don't think about it because you don't have your floss sitting around in front of you at work or at the dining table.

Well, why not spend a few extra loonies and place the floss at opportune places around your home? You can have it sitting on your bathroom counter, of course, but also on the dining table, the kitchen counter, your purse, your car's dashboard, and more.

Invest in flossing sticks (a type of floss). It has a handle like a toothbrush and a piece of floss on top. These are simple to leave around your home and car. And you can multitask while using them, as you don't have to use both hands as you do with a flossing string.

Don’t Think You Have To Do It at a Particular Time or Place

You don't necessarily have to floss only once a day when you brush your teeth. If that doesn't work for you, then floss whenever you think of it.

Sitting around watching your favourite Netflix show, and flossing comes to mind as you see the main character's bright white teeth? Then pick up your floss and do it then.

Or if you are feeling rather down about yourself and want to do something nice for yourself, then floss your gums to boost your health and mood. You get the picture.

Even Once a Week Is Better Than Nothing

Too many people go for the all-or-nothing mentality. Either they floss every single day without fail, or they don't floss at all.

But that's the wrong way to build a teeth-flossing habit. Don't think too much about when to floss, and just do it once a week if that's all you can manage at first.

You will soon notice that you will start craving the feeling of clean teeth and gums, and you will inadvertently start flossing more often.

Is Teeth Flossing Your Achilles Heel?

Maybe you are great at adding every other habit to your daily routine, except flossing. It's your arch nemesis, the one thing that irks you about your routine.

Well, try out the tips for teeth flossing we have laid out above and see how that works out for you.

If you are worried that you haven't been flossing enough, then get your teeth professionally cleaned by us at Linwell Park Dental Centre. It's time you got your oral health back in order.


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