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Why Is It So Important to Have a Family Dentist?

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In Canada, nearly 2.5 million school days are missed each year because of children's dental illnesses and tooth decay.

If your entire household is in need of a dentist, then you should consider finding a family dentist. The best family dentist will keep you and your loved ones' teeth in excellent health. 

There are so many benefits to family dentistry. Let's take a look at some now. 


A Family Dentist Is Convenient 


Finding a dentist just for yourself can be a difficult task. Now imagine having to find different dentists for each member of your family. You're also going to have to keep on top of all those various appointments.

When you go with a family dentist, you're removing all of that hassle and stress and replacing it with one easy process. You can book appointments at your family dentist for your whole group at the same time. 

No more scratching five different appointment dates into your already busy calendar. Now you've just got one day to worry about. 


They Know Your Dental History 


The more you see your family dentist, the more they get to know you and your family's dental history. Every time you go and see the dentist, they will keep records of your evolving dental health. 

This can help your dentist understand and spot any potential genetic dental conditions that run in your family. 


Emergency Care


Getting emergency dental care is never a fun task. It's made a lot easier when you have a family dentist, though. Your family dentist will be more likely to accommodate late appointments on short notice if one of your families has a dental emergency.

When you don't have a family dentist, you run the risk of not finding the care you need straight away, as not all dentists will be able to accommodate you on short notice if you're not a regular patient.


Lasting Relationship


When you find the best family dentist, you'll likely be using their services for a very long time. 

This builds up a lasting relationship with your dentist that establishes a real sense of trust between you. When you trust your dentist fully, you can communicate your problems and concerns honestly and easily. The more your dentist knows, the better your care will be. 


Fix Problems Early 


Dental health is one of the most important things we learn as children. When you opt to go with a family dentist, they can educate your kids on how and why they should take care of their teeth. 

Most serious dental problems don't start until adulthood and are often due to people neglecting their oral health. Having an authority to educate your kids on how to keep teeth healthy can help establish good dental habits early on in your children's lives. 


Find a Family Dentist Today

A family dentist is the only way to take care of your family's oral health comprehensively. You can get regular, quality care over a long-term relationship. 

Linwell Park Dental Center is the best family dentist St. Catherines has to offer. We provide a mix of both general and cosmetic dental services. 

If this sounds like something you want for your family, contact us today to see how we can help you.


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